Pipeline nitrogen inerting from an Onsite N2 Generation Unit

The goal of pipeline nitrogen inerting is to prevent oxidation, a chemical reaction where a substance or product reacts with the oxygen that is naturally present in the atmosphere. Preventing...

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Nitrogen applications in coiled tubing operations

Coiled tubing operations (CT) are used to complete or stimulate wells, instead of using conventional well completion methods. The method involves running into a well with a continuous length of...

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Nitrogen applications for UBD surface equipment inerting

In underbalanced drilling (UBD) surface equipment inerting, potentially explosive fluids are collected and processed in collection tanks on the surface. The four-phase separator vessels fall into the following categories: Drilling...

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Nitrogen applications for underbalanced drilling

Although air and natural gas can be used for underbalanced drilling (UBD), nitrogen is preferred for its minimal risk of downhole fires and a higher level of control. Nitrogen applications...

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The benefits of onsite nitrogen services in Western Canada

Did you know that up to 10% of nitrogen is lost during transport? This means you’re paying for nitrogen that never makes it to your site or facility. Many industries...

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