Pipeline Abandonment in Alberta - Canadian Nitrogen

Nitrogen For Safe Pipeline Abandonment in Alberta

When a pipeline is no longer needed for operations, it must be safely dismantled, abandoned and maintained by the company that owns it. In Alberta, there are certain requirements that...

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Pipeline and Vessel Abandonment - Canadian Nitrogen

Why Mobile Nitrogen Services Are Preferred for Pipeline and Vessel Abandonment

Pipeline and vessel abandonment involves either removing it from the ground or leaving it in place with specific requirements for the safety of the public and the environment. Once a...

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Well Abandonment - Canadian Nitrogen

Mobile Nitrogen For Well Abandonment

When a well is no longer needed for oil and gas development, there are minimum requirements to ensure that it is emptied, purged, isolated, and permanently closed. Proper well abandonment...

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How to Free Differentially Stuck Drill Strings With Nitrogen

Differentially stuck drill strings occur when the differential between formation pressure and hydrostatic pressure causes the drill string or casing to get stuck. When the hydrostatic pressure exceeds pore pressure,...

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Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Explained

The Underbalanced Operations and Managed Pressure Drilling Committee of the International Association of Drilling Contractors defines MPD as “an adaptive drilling process used to precisely control the annular pressure profile...

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The Benefits of Mobile Onsite Nitrogen Generation Services for Pipeline Pigging

Pipeline pigging is the process of cleaning, maintaining, and inspecting existing pipelines and testing for new operations. At Canadian Nitrogen Services, we provide nitrogen pipeline pigging services primarily in Alberta,...

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Mobile Nitrogen Services: Plant Commissioning

Onsite nitrogen generation services help with quick and safe plant start-up. As an industrial nitrogen supplier, Canadian Nitrogen Services offers mobile nitrogen for plant commissioning in the oil and gas...

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Mobile Nitrogen Generation For Plant Purging in Alberta

Many industrial processes require an oxygen-deficient environment for safety, quality control, and to prevent damage from oxidation. This is where nitrogen plant purging services come in: to routinely “cleanse” pipes...

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