Celebrate Workplace Safety Day This April 28th With Canadian Nitrogen Services

Workplace Safety Day This April 28th With Canadian Nitrogen Services

In 2022, the International Labour Conference (ILC) made a pivotal decision to incorporate “a safe and healthy working environment” into the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) core principles and rights at work. The ILO celebrated this milestone on April 28th, 2023, by gathering experts and stakeholders to explore the decision’s impact on the workplace and strategies for its effective implementation.

The History of Workplace Safety Day

The ILO began commemorating World Day in 2003, focusing on preventing workplace accidents and diseases. This initiative leverages the ILO’s strengths in fostering tripartite dialogue and collaboration. As a critical component of the ILO’s Global Strategy on Occupational Safety and Health, documented in the conclusions of the 2003 International Labour Conference, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28th plays a crucial role in advocating for safer and healthier work environments and elevating the significance of occupational safety and health in public policy.

The global trade union movement recognizes April 28th as the International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers, established in 1996.

The Importance of Workplace Safety

The annual World Day for Safety and Health at Work emphasizes the global prevention of work-related accidents and diseases. It aims to draw attention to the scale of these issues and how a culture of safety and health can mitigate work-related fatalities and injuries.

The responsibility for preventing workplace deaths and injuries is collective. Governments are tasked with creating supportive legal and service frameworks, developing national policies and programs, and enforcing occupational safety and health legislation. Employers must provide a safe and healthy work environment, while workers should practice safe work habits, understand their rights, and engage in preventive measures.

The workplace also faces new and emerging risks due to technological advancements, changes in work conditions and employment forms, such as nanotechnology and biotechnology, increased workloads, migration-related poor conditions, self-employment, outsourcing, and temporary contracts. Better scientific understanding and changing perceptions are helping to recognize and address risks, including ergonomic risks leading to musculoskeletal disorders and the impact of psychosocial factors on work-related stress.

How Onsite Nitrogen Services Enhance Workplace Safety

At Canadian Nitrogen Services (CNS), our commitment to leveraging the latest technology and delivering exceptional services forms the foundation of our mission to enhance customer efficiency, safety, and satisfaction.

Our onsite nitrogen generation services mitigate the risks associated with handling and transporting cryogenic liquids. At the same time reducing the operational environmental footprint by lowering energy consumption. Gaseous nitrogen replaces a hazardous or undesirable atmosphere with an inert, dry atmosphere, reducing workplace accidents and improving worker safety.

By providing a safer, more efficient, environmentally friendly solution, CNS effectively meets our customers’ needs while prioritizing the safety of both our workers and customers, maintaining our reputation as a responsible and safety-conscious company.