Liquified Natural Gas Services

As part of our downstream services, we serve Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) plants, an emerging market in Canada. Liquifying natural gas requires the removal of water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and sulphur compounds. As a liquid, the volume of natural gas is reduced 600 times, making it easier to transport over long distances. The demand for LNG is steadily growing as we move to operations that produce fewer emissions.

We provide nitrogen services to support LNG operations, including:

Plant Commissioning & Testing

As LNG is a growing market in Canada, there are currently several proposals for LNG export facilities. We expect Alberta to become a large source of LNG services in the coming years. With international experience in the industry, our team provides commissioning and testing during the build, including testing for leaks and ensuring a safe start-up.

As an inert gas, nitrogen is capable of displacing oxygen, flammable gases, and other materials that can cause a fire or explosion. We meet purity specifications for each site, eliminating hazardous risks and providing dependable, on-demand, and cost-effective nitrogen services.

Ongoing Maintenance

It’s normal for LNG plants and refineries to amass combustible material over time. To keep facilities operational, productive, and safe, onsite nitrogen generation for ongoing maintenance is preferred because it reduces costs and complies with regulatory standards. Nitrogen displacement leaves equipment inert and ready for maintenance.

During LNG plant maintenance, nitrogen is used to displace oxygen, flammable gases, and other combustible materials to eliminate the risk of fire and explosion hazards. The use of nitrogen for cleaning and maintenance also ensures the quality of the product, preventing chemical alterations and cross-contamination. Dry nitrogen gas is used to prevent moisture-related damage to equipment.

Meeting Environmental Regulations

Compared to other fossil fuels such as coal and oil, natural gas and LNG have long been preferred as we transition to clean and renewable energy. Canada’s government is placing stricter environmental regulations on industries across the board to produce fewer emissions and reduce their carbon footprint.

At Canadian Nitrogen Services, we help companies meet these stringent environmental legislations. Our method of delivering onsite nitrogen generation eliminates the energy-consuming process of producing, storing, and delivering nitrogen. With energy-efficient nitrogen generators, we can deliver a steady flow of nitrogen while using fewer resources.

Our LNG nitrogen services include:

  • Plant commissioning
  • Plant testing
  • Plant inerting
  • Plant gas lifting
  • Plant turnarounds
  • Plant purging
  • Plant pigging
  • Plant drying
  • Plant abandonment

Reduce your carbon footprint with onsite nitrogen generation

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