Onsite Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen is required to remove oxygen, reactive gases, and other unwanted atmospheres in hazardous and sensitive environments. Our services help companies improve the safety of the facility and keep operations productive. Onsite nitrogen generation is a cost-effective way to purge equipment of vapours and gases, maintain a safe atmosphere, and dry and clean pipes and tanks.

When your operations rely on an inert gas for safety, you need a reliable source.

We provide onsite nitrogen generation for:


We service upstream oil and gas activities to help make operations safer, maximize oil and gas recovery, and increase efficiency.


Our team supplies on-demand nitrogen generation that meets regulatory requirements for the midstream sector.


Onsite nitrogen reduces operational costs without compromising quality or safety while offering quicker turnaround time.


For the Liquified Natural Gas industry, we provide onsite nitrogen for the initial start up
of facilities as well as ongoing maintenance.

The Benefits of Onsite Nitrogen

Nitrogen is an inert gas that does not react with other elements and hazardous materials. When it comes to civil engineering operations, work is often done in extreme temperatures and harsh environments. With the presence of potential combustion, the main concern is to keep the workplace safe and ensure the public’s safety.

A steady flow of nitrogen

Our onsite nitrogen generators can circulate gas at the required pressure. The steady flow of nitrogen keeps the atmosphere inert, removing safety risks and hazards and providing a high level of protection for critical applications.

Better quality control

Onsite nitrogen services can provide higher purity levels with 95-99% purity for N2 membrane generators. In some situations, contaminants can enter nitrogen gas cylinders when they reach the end of their capacity, leading to impurities and interruption in business operations.

No supply chain issues

With the traditional way of supplying nitrogen, companies are vulnerable to supply chain disruption. Running out of feed nitrogen can shut operations down temporarily, leading to extensive downtime, lost productivity, and wasted resources. Our onsite generators provide a quick, safe, and convenient way to supply nitrogen that eliminates supply chain risks and removes the hassle of handling canisters.

Cost savings and reduced downtime

Transporting nitrogen involves many costs, including delivery, tank rental and product losses. Any delays with delivery or shortages can cost businesses hundreds and even thousands of dollars in downtime. Remote sites benefit greatly from onsite nitrogen services in Western Canada as the cost of delivering to these locations can be large, and delays are not uncommon.

Reduced carbon footprint

Our nitrogen generators extract gas from the atmosphere to provide a continuous flow, so there is no need to transport liquid nitrogen to the site. Additionally, the production of liquid nitrogen involves an energy-intensive process with multiple stages of cooling, separation, and filtration in large facilities. Onsite gaseous nitrogen generation helps companies reduce their carbon footprint while removing supply chain issues.

Providing mobile nitrogen services when and where it’s needed.

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