Nitrogen services

Providing mobile nitrogen services when and where it’s needed.

Our mobile generation units deliver nitrogen gas on-demand, eliminating the logistical challenges associated with resupplying nitrogen, including costly downtime, delivery delays, and supply chain issues. Our clients see a reduction in their operational costs, a better carbon footprint, and a constant flow of nitrogen when and where it’s required.

Without the need to haul bulk nitrogen, which is costly and results in waste, we can provide service to remote locations quickly and safely. Our system is interconnected and calibrated, ready to generate N2 as required for a variety of functions and applications in the construction of oil and gas wells. The applications range from UBD to the completion phase of new wells to clean out and stimulation in work-over or intervention programs.

We deliver mobile nitrogen in Canada with operations in the Northwest Territories, Northern British Columbia, all of Alberta, Ontario, through Central and Southern Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.​​ For all other locations in Canada, please contact our team.

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Nitrogen applications

Nitrogen Application

An industry standard technique for the replacement of a hazardous or undesirable atmosphere with an inert dry atmosphere.

Using nitrogen offers a number of advantages for drying operations. Membrane nitrogen contains only trace quantities of moisture, making it very effective in drying operations (nitrogen gas dew point is between -80°F and -90°F [-62°C and -67°C]). 

Nitrogen provides an inert atmosphere for long-term preservation once the drying process is completed. This environment reduces oxidation and no purge is required after drying is complete. Nitrogen also provides time savings since it can be used to rapidly pressurize a system.

During refinery shutdown, it is desirable to reduce the temperature of process catalysts as quickly as possible. Large volumes of nitrogen can be pumped by CNS pumping equipment to assist in the cooling process and save valuable hours of shutdown time.

In some circumstances, when hydrostatic testing is not possible, components or systems may be tested with nitrogen. However, system design specifications must be reviewed and a detailed risk analysis completed before testing with a compressible medium.

Nitrogen is used in well applications to reduce the weight of fluid in the wellbore. Nitrogen is pumped through coiled tubing (or gas lift tubing) and discharged at the well perforations. As the nitrogen gas flows up the production casing, it expands and reduces the weight of fluid in the column, allowing the well to flow.

Oil & gas nitrogen applications - download pdf

Pipeline and facility testing

In addition to our regular well service, a full range of Pipeline and Facility testing and commissioning services are offered, including:

  • Nitrogen inerting
  • Nitrogen gas lifting
  • Nitrogen well cleanouts
  • Plant turnarounds
  • Plant purging
  • Plant commissioning
  • Pipeline pigging
  • Smart pigging
  • Pipeline and vessel purging
  • Pipeline and vessel drying
  • Well abandonment
  • Pipeline and vessel abandonment
  • Plant abandonment
Nitrogen Pipeline Facilities

The CNS difference

We operate with the largest fleet of fully-integrated mobile generation units in Canada and Saudi Arabia. With our on-demand N2 services, our customers experience no nitrogen losses from cool-downs and a quicker startup time. Less equipment means smaller carbon footprint, reduced product costs, and competitive rates.

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