Downstream Nitrogen Services

Downstream companies are challenged with increasingly stringent legislation today, including stricter environmental regulations to produce fewer emissions. At Canadian Nitrogen Services, our method of delivering onsite nitrogen generation eliminates the energy-consuming process of producing, storing, and delivering nitrogen.

Nitrogen generators greatly reduce the company’s carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier environmental impact. We provide nitrogen services to support downstream operations, including:

Plant Commissioning & Start-Up

As an inert gas, nitrogen is capable of displacing oxygen, flammable gases, and other materials that can cause a fire or explosion. We meet purity specifications for each site, eliminating hazardous risks and ensuring a safe start-up. Our onsite nitrogen generation services help with a quick and safe plant start-up.

With decades of experience under our belt, our team safely tests for any leaking of hydrocarbons and ensures the movement of hydrocarbon in empty pipelines cannot generate a static current that can lead to dangerous explosions. Our nitrogen services for start-up projects are dependable, on-demand, and cost-effective.

Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance

Whether you’re refining crude oil into petroleum products or producing chemicals, onsite nitrogen keeps your facilities operational and productive while minimizing costs and complying with regulatory standards. Nitrogen displacement leaves equipment inert and ready for maintenance.

Nitrogen is commonly used to purge tanks and lines and allows the equipment to be dried without heating or wiping. The use of nitrogen for cleaning and maintenance ensures the quality of the product, preventing chemical alterations and cross-contamination. Dry nitrogen gas is also used to prevent moisture-related damage to equipment.

Plant abandonment

When a refinery needs to be shut down, nitrogen is the preferred gas to displace all combustible gases and remove any residual contaminants. During the plant abandonment process, reducing the temperature of the catalyst at the earliest point of the project is ideal. A continual flow of nitrogen can cool down the catalyst quickly, reducing shutdown time and project costs.

Our onsite nitrogen generators extract nitrogen from the environment and can produce a steady flow of nitrogen, eliminating the need for multiple nitrogen tanks and delivery. At Canadian Nitrogen Services, we are experienced in plant abandonment and can ensure all combustible materials are removed.

Our plant and refinery nitrogen services include:

  • Plant inerting
  • Plant gas lifting
  • Plant turnarounds
  • Plant purging
  • Plant commissioning
  • Plant pigging
  • Plant drying
  • Plant abandonment

Minimize production loss with onsite nitrogen generation

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