Midstream Nitrogen Services

At Canadian Nitrogen Services, we can meet on-demand nitrogen requirements with our fully integrated fleet of vehicles, delivering nitrogen when and where you need it with minimal downtime. Onsite nitrogen generation reduces costs by eliminating the logistical challenges of supplying bulk liquid nitrogen and is an environmentally friendly solution.

We provide nitrogen services to support midstream operations, including:

Pipeline Commissioning & Testing

Our onsite nitrogen generation services help with a quick and safe start-up. As an industrial nitrogen supplier, Canadian Nitrogen Services offers mobile nitrogen for commissioning in oil and gas operations and many industrial facilities. We meet purity specifications for each site, eliminating hazardous risks and ensuring a safe start-up.

With decades of experience under our belt, our team safely tests for any leaking of hydrocarbons. Nitrogen ensures that the movement of hydrocarbon into empty pipelines cannot generate a static current that can lead to dangerous explosions. Our nitrogen services for commissioning and testing are dependable, on-demand, and cost-effective.

Pipeline Cleaning & Maintenance

Nitrogen pigging displaces oxygen in the pipeline, leaving them inert and ready for maintenance. Nitrogen displacement is crucial during maintenance and remedial treatments to prevent explosions and break the hazardous “fire triangle”. To do this effectively and safely, nitrogen in the pipeline must have a high purity rate and a steady flow to displace hydrocarbons and push the pigs at desired speeds.

Additionally, the use of nitrogen for purging is preferred to avoid chemical alteration of products and moisture-related damage to equipment. Our nitrogen services provide a steady flow of nitrogen, a 95-99% purity level, reduce maintenance costs, and minimize production loss.

Pipeline & Vessel Abandonment

One of the most critical steps of pipeline abandonment is that it must be emptied and isolated so that it poses no risk to the environment or the public. Mobile nitrogen services are the preferred method to ensure that harmful gases are displaced and any residual contaminants are removed.

All combustible fluids must be eliminated for a pipeline to be classified as abandoned. While other types of gases and methods can be used, onsite nitrogen generation is the most popular choice because we can deliver on-demand nitrogen to remote sites, eliminating the complex logistics of traditional nitrogen delivery. We can displace moisture and oxygen quickly and effectively, ensuring that the pipeline and vessel abandonment process meets legal requirements.

Our pipeline nitrogen services include:

  • Pipeline Inerting
  • Pipeline Drying
  • Pipeline Purging
  • Pipeline Commissioning
  • Pipeline Pressure Testing
  • Pipeline Pigging (Scraper / Caliper / Foam)
  • Pipeline In-Line Inspection Runs
  • Pipeline Abandonment
  • Pipeline Suspension
  • Pipeline Chemical Batching

Eliminate safety risks and hazards with onsite nitrogen generation

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