The Benefits of Mobile Onsite Nitrogen Generation Services for Pipeline Pigging


Pipeline pigging is the process of cleaning, maintaining, and inspecting existing pipelines and testing for new operations. At Canadian Nitrogen Services, we provide nitrogen pipeline pigging services primarily in Alberta, BC, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba but can service all of Canada if the need arises. For existing pipeline operations, pipeline pigging using mobile onsite nitrogen generation services can safely be performed without stopping the product flow in the pipeline.

Why pipeline pigging is necessary

Pipelines are one of the most efficient methods of transporting liquids and gases – they are large and significant operations that require ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Without pipeline pigging, pipelines can experience quicker wear and tear and become clogged. Pipeline pigging is also essential for testing new operations to prove that they meet operating standards.

Pigs are commonly used to clean and dry the pipeline to remove moisture, rust, and scale. They are also used to remove residual debris during the construction phase of the pipeline.

Common reasons why pipelines are pigged

In addition to cleaning and maintaining the pipeline, pipeline pigging is necessary for solving:

  • Poor pumping efficiencies
  • A reduction in pressure
  • An increase in power costs
  • Pipeline discoloration
  • Product contamination
  • Product batching and separation
  • Accumulated hard deposits
  • Product recovery

It’s common practice to depressurize the pipeline with inert gas. A ‘pig’ is inserted into the isolated section of the pipeline and inert gas is pumped behind the pig. At Canadian Nitrogen Services, we provide mobile nitrogen for pipeline pigging, one of the most cost-effective, safe, and sustainable methods to deliver inert gas.

Mobile onsite nitrogen generation services for pipeline pigging

Traditionally, nitrogen was delivered in large tanks to the site, requiring complex logistics, more resources, and more people to load and unload the product. Some of the benefits that mobile nitrogen generation provides include:

  • Cost savings and reduced downtime – The traditional method of delivering nitrogen is costly with hazmat fees, tank rentals, gas price fluctuations, and other costs depending on the company. Furthermore, delivery delays and shortages can cost operations hundreds and even thousands of dollars in downtime. Mobile onsite nitrogen generation services, eliminate the complicated logistics, tanks, extra trucks on the road, and the many fees associated with nitrogen tank delivery.
  • Increased safety for workers and the public – Because onsite nitrogen generation eliminates the risk of tank leaks and dangerous exposure to liquid nitrogen, the safety of the workers and the public increases. At Canadian Nitrogen Services, safety is always our first priority.
  • Reduced carbon footprint – Making, storing, and delivering nitrogen uses a significant amount of energy. High heat is needed to make liquid nitrogen, while expensive, heavy cylinders are required to store the product. Consider the gas needed for delivery trucks and the emissions produced during transportation, and you can imagine the harmful environmental impact long-term. Onsite nitrogen generation greatly reduces a company‚Äôs carbon footprint with fewer resources needed.
  • Better quality controlOnsite nitrogen services can provide higher purity levels with 95%-99% purity for N2 membrane generators. In some situations, contaminants can enter nitrogen gas cylinders when they reach the end of their capacity, leading to impurities and interruption in business operations.

To summarize, onsite nitrogen generation services for pipeline pigging improve safety, eliminate supply chain risks, eliminate nitrogen losses, and contribute to a smaller carbon footprint. Contact us today for more information on mobile nitrogen services for your operations.