Mobile Nitrogen Service for Nitrogen Well Cleanouts


When the accumulation of sand, sediments, and other debris blocks the flow in a wellbore, a cleanout is necessary to maintain productivity. Nitrogen well cleanouts in Alberta are one of the most common coiled tubing applications to remove deposits and debris and restore oil and gas production. Here’s where nitrogen mobile services play a significant role in cleaning out a wellbore.

Nitrogen and other gases for well cleanouts

Nitrogen is added to depleted wells to make sure the hydrostatic pressure of the well does not exceed the reservoir pressure. Nitrogen has been applied in well completions since the 1950s, which was delivered to the site in liquid tanks. Consequently, the logistics involved in producing, transporting, and delivering liquid nitrogen increased the company’s operational costs.

As a more economical alternative to liquid nitrogen, operators began to use exhaust gas delivered from engine-driven compressors. The result? An increase in damage caused by corrosion from the use of exhaust gas and flue gas in the wellbore. Although other gases can be used in the process of well cleanouts, the damage it leaves behind fails to mitigate the cost.

Mobile nitrogen services as a solution

When the supply of nitrogen is costly and time-consuming, onsite supply of nitrogen using stand-alone membrane generators is proven to be an excellent solution. One of the biggest advantages of mobile nitrogen services for well cleanouts in Alberta is that it costs significantly less than other traditional methods.

Onsite nitrogen generation eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen tanks and as such, provides other benefits beyond cost savings:

A better carbon footprint – At Canadian Nitrogen Services, one of the biggest concerns from our clients is related to reducing their carbon footprint.

The ‘traditional’ method of delivering liquid nitrogen involves the product to be made and produced in a plant that uses an incredible amount of energy to do. The tank is then transported and delivered to the location, which is converted to gas. Most sites require 10-20 tanks, which leads to an excessive number of trucks on the road.

Mobile nitrogen services utilize 1 truck and require no plant to produce liquid nitrogen. Our method significantly reduces your carbon footprint by using less energy and fewer resources including vehicles.

Eliminates supply chain issues – We are experiencing a global shortage of supply across most industries due to the pandemic and economic uncertainty. This leads to delays and, when it comes to oil and gas production, the downtime can be detrimental.

By only providing one truck, we don’t need supply. We draw the product from the atmosphere, meaning our supply is all around us – thus, eliminating supply chain issues.

Ensures the health and safety of workers – Simply put, cryogenic liquid can burn through your flesh just as easily as flame. There are a lot of hidden risks with the delivery of liquid nitrogen, regardless of how well-trained workers are – the risks exist and are enough to be life-threatening. Furthermore, companies carry an insurance risk by having extra trucks on the road and parked at the site.

At Canadian Nitrogen Services, there is no hazard or risk to running our pump. Rather than hauling and converting liquid nitrogen to gas onsite, our system is interconnected and calibrated to generate nitrogen as required. There is no lifting and transporting liquid nitrogen tanks, which presents many hazards.

Final thoughts

In summary, mobile nitrogen services for well cleanouts in Alberta is safe, effective, does not corrode equipment, and saves companies money while reducing their carbon footprint. Our onsite nitrogen membrane generators can deliver nitrogen when and where you need it – even to the most remote locations.