Industrial Nitrogen Supplier

Nitrogen supply serves a number of functions across various types of facilities. Its primary use is to prevent the dangerous impact of oxygen exposure and other hazardous elements. Our services help companies improve the safety of the facility and keep operations productive. Nitrogen can be used to:

  • Purge equipment of vapours and gases
  • Maintain an inert, safe atmosphere
  • Dry and clean pipelines and tanks

At Canadian Nitrogen Services, we provide nitrogen services for:

  • Plant turnarounds
  • Plant purging
  • Plant inerting
  • Plant commissioning
  • Plant abandonment
  • Piping and vessel purging
  • Piping and vessel drying
  • Piping and vessel abandonment

Nitrogen supply for various facilities and industries

For some industries, nitrogen is a necessity. The question is less about whether nitrogen supply is required and more about finding nitrogen supply solutions that will help facilities reduce downtime and lessen the cost of nitrogen delivery. When the use of nitrogen became widespread, including in the manufacturing and processing industries, the food and beverage sector, petrochemical plants, aerospace, medical facilities, among others, it was purchased as gas or liquid in bulk.

Before onsite nitrogen, nitrogen vessels were produced in large gas separation plants, which involves multiple stages of separation and filtration. The purified nitrogen was then stored into high-pressure cylinders or tanks before being delivered to the facility. As you can imagine, this system is time-consuming, expensive, and produces excessive amounts of gas waste. Not only is it a considerable expense for companies, but the energy-intensive process has a significant impact on the environment.

The benefits of onsite nitrogen generation

Our stand-alone membrane nitrogen generators are a solution to the traditional methods of nitrogen supply. We’ve built a fleet of mobile nitrogen generators that are already interconnected and calibrated to meet the demand for the efficient, cost-effective, and safe delivery of nitrogen. As an alternative to bulk supply, onsite nitrogen generators are convenient and available on demand.

Furthermore, onsite nitrogen generators can fulfill the facility’s application requirements regarding pressure, flow rate, and purity levels. Flow rate affects purity, and our generators can achieve a 95-99% purity level. The benefits of our nitrogen supply methods include reduced downtime, lower costs, less energy consumption, and a better, more sustainable impact on the environment.

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