Membrane Generated Nitrogen: Industries and Uses

Membrane Generated Nitrogen Industries and Uses

Nitrogen Gas Purity

The proportion of nitrogen molecules in the produced N2 gas determines the purity level, other elements such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gasses —the purity level of N2 gas produced by a Nitrogen Generation Unit can be adjusted and delivered to suit the application.

Gaseous Nitrogen: Industries and Uses

Gaseous nitrogen is used across various industries due to its inert attributes. From large plant turnarounds to pipeline pigging, onsite nitrogen generation is highly effective in many processes while ensuring the facility’s and staff’s utmost safety.

Onsite nitrogen generation delivers on-demand nitrogen that meets most application requirements, this includes flow rate, pressure, and purity specifications.

Maintaining strict safety protocols and high quality standards is essential to help keep facilities operational, productive, and safe. While meeting safety, quality and environmental regulations, onsite N2 generation can also offer a highly cost effective solution.


Upstream oil and gas activities need gaseous nitrogen to help make operations safer, maximize oil and gas recovery, and increase efficiency. Upstream operations may include managed pressure drilling, underbalanced drilling, gas lifting and freeing differentially stuck drill pipe.Onsite N2 Generation provides a solution that can be tailored to meet the requirements.


On-demand nitrogen generation meets all regulatory requirements for the Midstream sector. From pipeline commissioning and testing to cleaning and inspection, Onsite nitrogen Generation provides a continual steady supply of gaseous N2 to meet operational requirements.


For Downstream operations including Liquified Natural Gas plants, onsite nitrogen generation services help reduce downtime without concern for supply chain or product delivery. Especially for plant start-ups and turn around maintenance, Onsite generation allows for a seamless delivery of Gaseous N2 where and when it is needed.

Industries and Uses

Onsite nitrogen generation services are popular for many industrial processes, which include but are not limited to:

  • Liquid Natural Gas Plants
  • Gas Processing Plants
  • Oil Refineries
  • Waste Treatment Plants

Some of the uses of onsite nitrogen services include:

  • Plant and pipeline commissioning
  • Plant and pipeline inerting
  • Plant turnarounds
  • Plant and pipeline purging
  • Pipeline pigging (scraper/caliper/foam)
  • Plant and pipeline drying
  • Plant and pipeline abandonment
  • Pipeline Pressure Testing
  • Pipeline In-Line Inspection Runs
  • Pipeline Suspension
  • Pipeline Chemical Batching
  • Production enhancement
  • Managed Pressure Drilling
  • Gas Lifting

Benefits of Onsite Nitrogen Generation

Onsite nitrogen generation services are a fantastic alternative to traditional nitrogen supply methods. Mobile nitrogen generation leads to reduced downtime and lower costs. It helps to reduce energy consumption and provides a steady stream of nitrogen where you need it, meaning your carbon footprint is reduced. It also offers variable purity levels, which offers the flexibility to meet the requirements of the application.

Onsite Nitrogen Generation from CNS

The Onsite generated nitrogen process differs from the liquid / cryogenic delivery method.
Our gaseous nitrogen delivery services support operations that need a steady, continuous flow of nitrogen, at 95-99% purity level, while reducing maintenance costs, and reducing the risk of downtime. We have served the oil and gas industry with Onsite generated nitrogen since 2005, and our professional staff have the experience to deliver the best quality service. With the safety of our team and clients as a top priority, we adhere to precise standards and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the best onsite nitrogen generation service every time.