5 Reasons To Consider Onsite Nitrogen Generation

Reasons To Consider Onsite Nitrogen Generation

In industries where nitrogen is used to improve facility safety, purge assets of hydrocarbons and dry – pipelines and tanks, onsite nitrogen generation services can be a cost-effective, reliable source with many additional benefits. Here are five reasons to consider onsite nitrogen generation services.


Nitrogen generator units are designed for compactness and mobility, enhancing the functionality of onsite nitrogen generation. This flexibility offers greater control over the location and timing of your nitrogen delivery , ensuring that the generator is operational precisely where and when required.

When not in use, these generators can be conveniently stored without safety concerns – The integral design of these generators not only ensures a consistent nitrogen supply but also helps free up valuable storage space on your location, as there’s no need for bulk liquid N2 tanks .


Opting for an onsite nitrogen generation system offers a notably cost-effective alternative to the recurring expenses associated with delivered liquid nitrogen. This cost efficiency stems from the ability to produce nitrogen at specific gas purity levels tailored to your needs,

Additionally, this approach eliminates the need for bulk liquid supply and tank rental fees, streamlining your nitrogen expenses and freeing you from the logistical challenge associated with timely liquid deliveries. By generating your nitrogen gas onsite, you can anticipate a stable, cost-efficient production process finely tuned to your operational requirements.


When requesting nitrogen services you are tasked with estimating the amount of gas and the specific pressure needed for your operations. This estimation process can lead to receiving either an excess or insufficient supply of liquid nitrogen.

By generating your nitrogen gas onsite you can be assured of consistent supply of N2 at the rate or volume and pressure that you require – no more, no less.


Generating gas through an onsite generator addresses several safety considerations. There is no exposure to handling product, be it offloading tanks by crane or the dangers associated with cryogenic liquids. With no requirement for a feed supply, onsite generation reduces the risks associated with having multiple transport trucks on the highways. An onsite generator allows you to produce only the amount of nitrogen you need at the required purity level, thus aligning safety with operational efficiency.


With an onsite nitrogen generator, you can enjoy a steady and reliable nitrogen supply exactly when needed. The self-contained design and single unit setup effectively resolves any nitrogen supply challenges, allowing you to produce the desired quality and quantity of nitrogen on your own terms and according to your specific schedule.

Onsite Nitrogen Generation from Canadian Nitrogen Services

Onsite nitrogen generation services enhance safety and efficiency in various industrial sectors, including upstream and downstream oil and gas, midstream activities, and the Liquified Natural
Gas (LNG) industry. As an inert gas, nitrogen is essential for creating safe, reactive-free environments, particularly in hazardous and sensitive areas.

Our services boost operational productivity by offering cost-effective solutions for purging equipment, maintaining safe atmospheres, and cleaning and drying pipes and tanks. The benefits of onsite nitrogen generation include:

  • Ensuring a steady, controlled flow of high-purity nitrogen.
  • Mitigating supply chain risks.
  • Reducing operational costs and downtime.
  • Helping reduce the carbon footprint.

Canadian Nitrogen Services provides a reliable, on-demand source of nitrogen tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries, ensuring uninterrupted operations and enhanced safety standards. As a leading industrial nitrogen supplier, CNS offers quality onsite nitrogen generation services for various industries.