Nitrogen Supplier For Civil Engineering

In potentially hazardous and sensitive environments, nitrogen is required to remove oxygen, reactive gases, and other unwanted atmospheres. In the civil engineering industry where public work is common, the use of nitrogen purging is critical for a safe work environment.

While the civil engineering industry is extremely diverse, we provide onsite nitrogen services for inert gas uses including:

  • Landfills
  • Gas lines
  • Powerplants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Sewage systems
  • Construction of roads, bridges, and railways
  • Construction of canals and dams
  • Construction of buildings

Nitrogen for the safety of the public

Nitrogen is an inert gas that does not react with other elements and hazardous materials. When it comes to civil engineering operations, work is often done in extreme temperatures and harsh environments. With the presence of potential combustion, the main concern here is not only keeping the workplace safe but ensuring the public’s safety as well.

Our onsite nitrogen generators can circulate gas at low pressure, achieving a purity level of up to 99%. The steady flow of nitrogen keeps the atmosphere inert, removing the safety risks involved and providing a level of protection for critical applications.

Keeping civil engineering operations productive

Without onsite and on-demand nitrogen services, companies are vulnerable to supply chain disruptions for nitrogen vessels. Running out of bottled nitrogen can shut operations down temporarily, leading to extensive downtime, lost productivity, and wasted resources.

As a solution, the on-demand supply of nitrogen with our onsite generators provides a quick, safe, and convenient method. It eliminates supply chain risks and removes the hassle of handling canisters. Site managers won’t need to worry about running out of nitrogen and operations remain productive.

Lowering carbon footprint with onsite nitrogen

A vast majority of industries are acting on reducing carbon emissions with more sustainable methods. Because our nitrogen generators extract gas from the atmosphere to provide a continuous flow, there is no need to transport cylinders to and from the site. This helps companies reduce their carbon footprint while removing transportation issues.

Additionally, bottled nitrogen involves an extensive process with multiple stages of cooling, separation, and filtration in large facilities. Our methods use less energy while removing the safety risks associated with handling high-pressure cylinders.


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