The benefits of onsite nitrogen services in Western Canada


Did you know that up to 10% of nitrogen is lost during transport? This means you’re paying for nitrogen that never makes it to your site or facility. Many industries rely on nitrogen gas for safe daily operations, but the traditional way of supplying and transporting nitrogen can lead to costly downtime, safety concerns, and inconsistencies. As a solution, Canadian Nitrogen services provide onsite nitrogen industries across Western Canada.

What is onsite nitrogen generation?

There are two ways that nitrogen can be generated onsite: through a membrane generator or Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) generator.

  • Membrane generator – Compressed air is passed through a filtration process that purges oxygen from the system. As nitrogen continues through the filter, water vapour is removed and is purified through a heater. At Canadian Nitrogen Services, we use a stand-alone N2 membrane generator as a cost-effective and reliable nitrogen service solution.
  • PSA generator – Compressed air is passed through a pressurized air tank containing carbon molecular sieves. Oxygen binds to the compressed air, and nitrogen passes through an adsorption tank into a nitrogen holding tank.

What are the benefits of onsite nitrogen?

  • Increased safety for workers and the public – The most important benefit of onsite nitrogen generation is that the risk for worker injury decreases. With traditional nitrogen delivery, the transportation process comes with the risk of tank leaks, possible dangerous exposure to liquid nitrogen, and injuries during unloading. Onsite nitrogen services help reduce these risks by using less manpower and logistics in the process. The safety of workers and the publish is always the first priority.
  • Cost savings and reduced downtime – Transporting nitrogen involve delivery costs, gas price fluctuations, hazmat fees, tank rentals, and other costs depending on the company you place an order with. Additionally, any delays with delivery or shortages can cost businesses hundreds and even thousands of dollars in downtime. Remote sites benefit greatly from onsite nitrogen services in Western Canada as the cost of delivering to these locations can be large, and delays are not uncommon.
  • Reduces a company’s carbon footprint – Making, storing, and delivering nitrogen uses a significant amount of energy. Consider the logistics and the process from beginning to the end destination when it reaches your facility. It includes using high heat to make liquid nitrogen, the costs associated with producing cylinders that store nitrogen, and the gas used for delivery trucks. Switching to onsite nitrogen services greatly reduces the company’s carbon footprint and contributes to a healthier environmental impact.
  • Better quality control – Onsite nitrogen services can provide higher purity levels with 95%-99% purity for N2 membrane generators. In some situations, contaminants can enter nitrogen gas cylinders when they reach the end of their capacity, leading to impurities and interruption in business operations.

To summarize, onsite nitrogen services eliminate the logistics and costs associated with producing and delivering bulk liquid nitrogen to the location. On-demand nitrogen improves safety, eliminates supply chain risks, eliminates nitrogen losses, and contributes to a smaller carbon footprint.