Nitrogen Drilling Services

Nitrogen, air, and natural gas are used for underbalanced drilling, with nitrogen preferred to minimize the risk of combustion, reduce costs, and help with maintaining control. Inert nitrogen displaces oxygen to prevent combustion and dangerous reactions between oxygen and hydrocarbons.

Nitrogen is commonly used because of combustion issues and, to a far lesser extent, corrosion issues. Pure nitrogen can be used; however, it is costly. Onsite nitrogen generation with our mobile equipment helps reduce operational costs and leads to a quicker startup time.

We provide nitrogen services to support drilling operations, including:

  • MPD – Managed pressure drilling
  • UBD – Underbalanced drilling
  • Free differentially stuck drill strings

A steady flow of nitrogen

Nitrogen is crucial for drilling operations where keeping a low oxygen atmosphere is a must for safety. Our onsite generators deliver a consistent flow of nitrogen, circulating at either low or high pressure, depending on the application’s specifications. The steady flow achieves a purity level of 95-99%, making our methods a reliable and safe choice.

The benefits of onsite nitrogen generation for drilling

Did you know up to 10% of nitrogen can be lost during the transport of nitrogen vessels? These seemingly small losses add up and impact a company’s bottom line. Further, transporting nitrogen comes with the risk of leaks and spills, which is often dangerous and can cause serious injury. Onsite nitrogen generation eliminates lost nitrogen completely, reduces the cost of delivery, and improves the safety of everyone involved.

Companies risk shutting down operations temporarily should any delivery delays occur. One of the constraints that we help address with our nitrogen services is preventing costly downtime and lost productivity. Onsite nitrogen generation has the potential to save companies hundreds of hours spent on wait times and delays.

A better carbon footprint

Many companies in the oil and gas industry and other workplaces that require nitrogen operate in remote areas on a regular basis. Delivering liquid nitrogen in these areas is energy-intensive and expensive. With the largest fleet of fully integrated onsite nitrogen generators, we can provide on-demand nitrogen to these remote areas much quicker with no supply chain risks.

Because we eliminate the multiple stages of nitrogen cooling, separation, and filtration, there is less equipment involved. Our services greatly reduce the amount of energy needed to deliver nitrogen, improving your environmental impact as a company and creating a more sustainable solution.

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