Our Services

On site supply of N² delivered from “state of the art” stand alone N² membrane generators.

Our Commitment

CNS is committed to provide best in class Service and Support to our customers.

The Benefits

CNS Mobile Nitrogen Generators make nitrogen available when and where it’s needed, continuously without having to schedule and coordinate delivered liquid nitrogen.

Canadian Nitrogen Services (CNS) provides a fully integrated mobile nitrogen generator specifically designed for rapid deployment in remote locations. While other membrane systems or inert gas generators require multiple transports and long setup / breakdown times, this system is mounted on a single trailer and already interconnected and calibrated.

These systems are designed to deliver Nitrogen at remote locations where the cost of delivered liquid nitrogen (LN) is high, when the scheduling and delivery of nitrogen takes a long time, or when the requirement calls for continuous service. You would never run out of nitrogen or have to terminate a job prematurely while waiting on a nitrogen bulk transport for supplemental LN. CNS nitrogen generators eliminate the troublesome logistics and timing of LN supply while delivering nitrogen at a cost that reflects the elimination of transport costs.

Canadian Nitrogen Services is a privately owned oilfield service company with operations in North America and Saudi Arabia.

Our Western Canadian Operations cover an area from the Northwest Territories, through Northern British Columbia, all of Alberta and down through Central and Southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

In Saudi Arabia we provide a full range of services from our state of the art facility in Al Khobar.

In the USA our main administrative office is in Dallas Texas, supporting our regional service centers.

From our service center in Washington Pennsylvania, operations cover PA, OH, WV, VA, and NY. In addition to our regular well service, a full range of Pipeline and Facility testing and commissioning services are offered.

Our mobile generation units are used for a variety of functions and applications in the construction of oil and gas wells. The applications range from UBD to the completion phase of new wells, to clean out and stimulation in work-over or intervention programs.

Our services are utilized across the spectrum of Pipeline and Facility maintenance, Pigging, Smart Pigging, Purging, Drying, Pressure Testing, Abandonment, and Decommissioning.

Our Systems completely eliminate the need for inconvenient delivery of bulk nitrogen supplies and can be created at various specifications for an assortment of uses. Providing vast savings in comparison, onsite nitrogen generation is preferable over bulk nitrogen shipments.

CNS has around 65 dedicated employees providing a professional service to our worldwide customers.

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