Membrane N² Generation

“Membrane”: Separation of nitrogen from the air by selective permeation through a bundle of hollow fibers.

Unit Component Breakdown

1. Operator control cab, heated with all system control panels
2. Rotary screw feed air compressor driven by Caterpillar® diesel engine
3. Air pretreatment filtration system for moisture, particulate,& hydrocarbon removal
4. Hollow fiber air separation membranes - high recovery
5. 400 gallon diesel fuel capacity for a minimum 10 hour continuous operation at maximum N2 production rates
6. High pressure nitrogen booster compressor driven by Caterpillar® diesel engine
7. Custom steel and aluminum enclosure - maximum airflow and maintainability
8. 53’ drop deck tri-axle trailer with built in pipe racks and toolboxes

Unit Specification

Nitrogen Production
750 scf/min | 21scm/min
Discharge Pressure
Up to 4000 psi | 28,000 Kpa
Nitrogen Purity
Standard Conditions
70°F | sea level | 14.7 psig
Operating Temperature
-40°F to +122°F | -40°C to +50°C
Road Ban
Fall under 75% road ban limits

Click to view animation of the Nitrogen Generation Process.

Canadian Nitrogen Services is a privately owned oilfield service company with operations in North America and Saudi Arabia.

Our Western Canadian Operations cover an area from the Northwest Territories, through Northern British Columbia, all of Alberta and down through Central and Southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

In Saudi Arabia we provide a full range of services from our state of the art facility in Al Khobar.

In the USA our main administrative office is in Dallas Texas, supporting our regional service centers.

From our service center in Washington Pennsylvania, operations cover PA, OH, WV, VA, and NY. In addition to our regular well service, a full range of Pipeline and Facility testing and commissioning services are offered.

Our mobile generation units are used for a variety of functions and applications in the construction of oil and gas wells. The applications range from UBD to the completion phase of new wells, to clean out and stimulation in work-over or intervention programs.

Our services are utilized across the spectrum of Pipeline and Facility maintenance, Pigging, Smart Pigging, Purging, Drying, Pressure Testing, Abandonment, and Decommissioning.

Our Systems completely eliminate the need for inconvenient delivery of bulk nitrogen supplies and can be created at various specifications for an assortment of uses. Providing vast savings in comparison, onsite nitrogen generation is preferable over bulk nitrogen shipments.

CNS has around 65 dedicated employees providing a professional service to our worldwide customers.

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